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"The Bright Source for Accessible Websites and Computer-Based Services"

About Us 

Steve always knew he would exceed the limitations others had placed on him as a youth. Born with myopic retinopathy, an eye condition that makes it impossible to see objects and scenery which lack adequate lighting and proximity, Steve was expected to live a mediocre life. However, contrary to such stereotyping, he went on to become an electronic engineer attending one of the country’s prestigious schools.

Upon graduation, Steve held several corporate jobs leading up to a self-study and driven phase in his life to learn programming. This career move eventually propelled Steve to open a small business designing websites and providing computer related services. His varied services and products are assistive technology-based and are offered to other small-based businesses, as well as individuals.

Presently, he serves as treasurer for the Georgia Council of the Blind (Metro Atlanta chapter) and chairperson of the Atlanta Metro Library for Accessible Services (AMLAS) Consumer\Advisory Committee (LCAC0). Steve has made his home in Atlanta and enjoys techy projects, music, culinary adventures, and recently developed his first android-based app. He is eagerly looking forward to developing IOS apps as well.  When possible, he loves to brings on local mentees to "pay forward" his skill sets.