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Our Clients

Georgia Council of the Blind "virtual" conference is scheduled for July, 2020. Visit Council for the Blind)for details and registration information. 

Click on links below to learn of our dedicated and exciting clients... -  Based in Madison County, an organization bridging the gap towards independence for individuals who are blind and/or visually-impaired through their uniquely-designed support system. 
Empish - Professional Journalist, logger, and consultant who writes on visually-impaired topics and individuals impacting their communities. - An affordable bed bug heat treatment rental equipment company located in metro Atlanta.

Unity With Pam - Details community-based and professional pursuits of this well-known Columbus, GA author and photographer. Check out what amazing events Pam, a former TV host, is up to these days by clicking here
Josie Bailey - Professional Storyteller and Laughter Yoga instructor.
Houston Council ot the Blind - One-stop site that publicizes activities and news related to the visually-impaired community. 
Innervision Neuromuscular Center - Blind and sighted pain and stress management, as well as massage therapy service.
Visual Ehhancements - Founded on the belief that everyone can be helped, unique operation offers the most diverse line of low visions aids.
Georgia Council of the Blind - An affiliate of the American Council of the Blind, GCB elevates the social, economic, and cultural levels of the blind.
CMSavannah, LLC  -  Dedicated trauma and anxiety owner/therapist who offers affordable services on a sliding-scale. 
Epitome Show Band - Showcases old and new-school mixture's gigs, profiles, and booking information for these local musicians whose performances satisfy audiences of all ages, taste, and diversity.
Several of our former clients - HoopStar Basketball, SaveRKids, Counseling by Kimberly, and D & T Cleaning Services.

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