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"The Bright Source for Accessible Websites and Computer-Based Services"

Services we offer                       

   Our small IT company is one of the few in the metro Atlanta area offering clients accessibility    services and website design. We have been serving our satisfied and returning clients for over 20            years. 

   SunBright Website Design (SBD) promotes the use of assistive technology and computers             thru the sale of affordable computers, hard/software application training, and access to                 information... supporting individuals to live with greater independence and dignity.

   SBD is dedicated to providing optimized, affordable, robust, classic, as well as trendy         websites to individuals in the Atlanta metropolitan area. In addition to designing websites,            we serve as AT consultant and trainers. Our products have provided us the opportunity to            serve clients in other states.

   What we enjoy most when it comes to servicing your needs is introducing you and/or your           business to potential customers via accessible website design. We offer such services as:

  •    building a customized website optimizing the client's brand
  •    consultation on designing a professional template “look and feel” content
  •  developing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), e.g., keywords, search-results and user-  friendly pages
  • · training on “how to self edit” your website saving you the expense of a webmaster
    Contact us to learn of our reasonable price quotes and/or to schedule a consultation at
     404-234-5820 or 404-922-7474.


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